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Blues CAT Scratcher Toy with Catnip Plush & Feather

Blues CAT Scratcher Toy with Catnip Plush & Feather

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Brand Name: None


Toys Type: Balls

Is Smart Device: YES

Material: Wool

Brand: Pets First

Manufacturer: PETS FIRST INC

Manufacturer Part Number: BLU-5017

Assembled Product Weight: 1.2 lb

Color: St Blues

Animal Type: Cat

Assembled Product Dimensions L x W x H : 14.50 x 11.00 x 17.50 Inches



While you might already have some cat toys & accessories such as the Cat Tracks or the Turboscratcher or the Catnip Toy etc...

When you need a cat toy to be all Hockey, while also being a total blast for your cat, this is the toy your want.

There are so many ways to keep your cat satisfied while getting a kick out the Hockey motif.

Looking for a gift for a friend, this cat toy will have them scoring goals, punting and scratching up the field.

The rolling toy around the field is a wonderful chase toy that cats love to poke at.


This Hockey Rink cat scratcher is a one of a kind cat Scratching Board Mat. It’s the toy for the fan in mind.
It’s Officially Licensed by the , has a refillable catnip plush Toy with feathers, printed felt scratching board and a jingling toy that rolls around the rink.
The great thing about is this toy is that your cat has so many avenues to play and surely will never be bored. With the team artwork on the side your cat will never forget who they play for.
Let’s face it cat’s go crazy for cat nip and this being refillable which is endless entertainment right there. Couple that with the feathers and they’ll be entertained for hours.
The toy puck that rolls around the sides of the field has small windows for your cat to swipe at. It can’t be removed from the toy by the cat, so they can’t lose it.

Don’t forget the Rink is adorned with your favorite team on the sides.

When you envision a scratch-board you never picture a Rink and that is what has delivered here.

This Rink Field is as tough as your average player.

It’s designed to be tough enough to take what your cat can bring to the fight.

Don’t give your cat a weak flimsy scratch toy, give them an licensed Field of scratchboard.

Many cat toys have a chasing gimmick but this makes noise and has several windows in the frame for your cat to swipe at and push around.

This can’t be removed so it’s always with your toy and not loose around your floor.

The question isn’t will your cat be entertained but more likely will you be able to keep them away from this incredible licensed cat toy.

One of the many unique parts to this toy is the refillable catnip toy with feathers.

This Toy will know pain, when your cat sets its sights upon it.

Since the Catnip Plush toy can be filled and refilled with catnip, your cat will never stop having fun.

The white feathers attached are there for extra flair for your cat to have even more stimulation.

If you’re a fan and a cat owner or a friend who is and has a cat look no further.

You have found the ultimate interactive cat toy for the ultimate fan.



company has established itself as the largest sports-licensed pet product company in the country. has gained its reputation in providing every pet owner with premium licensed pet products; from unique and colorful apparel items to fun and playful toys and accessories. Working with the latest technology, our creative designers choose from the highest quality materials to provide durable, unique and innovative pet merchandise. Our factories follow the highest standards of safety guidelines to ensure your pet`s security, while providing a long lasting product.


Licensed Pets Products by

  • PREMIUM CAT SCRATCHER BOARD is Officially Licensed by the
  • Refillable Catnip Plush with Catnip included & has Feathers hanging from the Plush Toy
  • Jingling Cat Bell toy that rolls around the field inside of the cat tracks
  • Removable Stick Holding the Cat & Feather Cat Toy from the Cat Scratching Post

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